Cafe Fuente - All year

Have a cup of coffee and morning snack and support capstone field trips.

Most Friday mornings Cafe Fuente has hot coffee, tea, and treats available by donation. Classes rotate Cafe Fuente hosting duties. Funds raised go towards that class's 4th and 5th grade capstone field trips.

Coffee and Chico Bag Sales - October/November

Local Coffee and reusable bags make great gifts

Every year in time for end of year gift giving, AFN organizes the Coffee & ChicoBag drive. Local coffee by the bag (whole bean or ground), and reusable and stylish bags from ChicoBag are available to order.

Direct Donation - All Year

The easiest way to give

Don't want to bother with selling stuff? Give a direct donation and encourage and friends and family do so the same Donations of any size welcome!

Fiesta Ball and Auction - Early Spring

Community Built, Funds Raised

The Big One! Dinner, music, dancing, drinks, auction, fun! So big it gets its own page.

Teacher Appreciation Lunch - May

Let the teachers know how important they are

Sign up to bring an item for a potluck lunch or flowers. Sign-ups will be posted in the weeks before the event.

Author Festival - Every other October

Lunch for a local author and staff

Every other year we get a visit from a local children's author as part of the Humboldt County Children's Author Festival. AFN coordinates a potluck lunch for the author and Fuente Teachers and Staff. Sign-ups will be posted in the weeks before the event.