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Cafe Fuente

Café Fuente is a weekly community event for students from all grades and their families to enjoy a hot beverage and healthy snack on Friday mornings before school from 8:00 – 8:30 AM.  There is a suggested donation of $1 for each item.


100% of donations received go towards that class’s capstone field trips in 4th and 5th grade.

Capstone Fieldtrips

The 4th grade capstone field trip is an overnight camping trip to Weaverville.  Students enjoy panning for “gold” and visit the Joss House and Weaverville museums.  The cost for this trip was approximately $600+ per class. 


The 5th grade capstone field trip is a 3-day, 2-night field trip to San Francisco.  This trip includes a sleepover at the California Academy of Sciences and visits to Fisherman’s Wharf, Precita Eyes and Mission Dolores.  The cost for this trip in 2023 was approximately $8,500 for the entire class.

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How it works

Each 1st – 5th grade class will have the opportunity to run Café Fuente for 2 months:

Sept-Oct – 5th grade

Nov-Dec – 4th grade

Jan-Feb – 3rd grade

Mar-Apr – 2nd grade

May-Jun – 1st grade

In general, one or two parents from each class are in charge of setting up and cleaning up.  Other class parents bring food items that adhere to our healthy snacks guidelines and assist with cleanup.  Here is a task list to give you an idea of things to do.  It is very detailed, but not nearly as complicated as it might seem. Ideally there is also a Cafe Fuente Coordinator who will help with the transition between each class host throughout the year.

See the sign up sheet to help your class out!



Caffeine-free tea for kids and Tea and Coffee for parents.  Please, no hot chocolate or other sugar based drinks.  Parent volunteers are expected to help filter out unhealthy items.



Must adhere to the wellness policy guidelines, and provide healthy, high protein, low sugar and whole grain foods.  Peanut and tree-nut free items only.  Examples of healthy foods include whole grain baked goods, roasted potatoes, fresh fruit and mini-egg bites, provided they keep in mind the above.  Store-bought items are great too, such as yogurt and granola, mini-quiches, cheese, fig bars etc.   Sweet treats should be kindly returned to the donor or placed in the teacher’s lounge for disposal.



Students are welcome to enjoy their snacks or drinks on the benches before school starts.  If your child would like to enjoy a beverage, we encourage you to arrive early.  At 8:25 students will be asked to finish all beverages, wrap any food to go and proceed to their classrooms.

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